5 Different Types of Cloud Computing Trends That Define Cloud Storage in 2019

Ask anyone: Cloud storage is the cutting edge of technology in the modern age. In fact, an estimated 2.11 billion people worldwide are currently using some form of Cloud storage, and that number is only projected to go up.

If you’re one of those people, you probably want to use cloud computing for your business in the most efficient and effective way possible. There are a lot of different kinds of software out there that will help you with this, and it can become overwhelming and scary.

Fear no more! Here, we’re going to tell you five different types of cloud computing that will help you in your digital storage and file use for the rest of the year!

1. Easy Access

This isn’t strictly a specific type of Cloud storage, but it’s still important to get out there. When looking into the right storage and backup system for your business, you’re going to want to make sure whatever system you pick lets you access your files easily. 

If other forms of storage don’t work, the Cloud is going to be the only place that you can access old data and critical documents. That’s the whole point of the Cloud. Since this will be the only remaining backup if the unthinkable happens, you want to make sure you can get to files easily.

2. Infrastructure As A Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is one of the most basic forms of Cloud storage you can use for your business. Basically, the Cloud provider hosts the services that you’re receiving instead of a different data center. This is a simple way of using Cloud storage because it eliminates the middle man and makes use easy.

3. Software As A Service

Another really common kind of Cloud storage system is Software as a Service (SaaS.) In fact, this is the largest and most common type of storage system. Here, a third party uses the internet to manage data.

The main benefit of this service is that it’s easy to manage. You don’t need any additional downloads or apps because the third party vendor manages everything, making it easy for you.

4. Platform As A Service

Platform as a Service (PaaS) software is a form of service where a provider manages the platform to give the content to people who use it. This lets the person using it focus on maintenance and code rather than forcing them to keep up with the infrastructure. This saves you as a businessperson time and lets you focus on storage and efficiency.

5. Microsoft Azure

If you’re one of the infinite Microsoft junkies in business, you’re in luck. Microsoft has an effective, popular, and easy-to-use form of Cloud storage that can be accessed anywhere. It’s really versatile and can store a lot of different file types, so check it out!

Research Different Types Of Cloud Computing

Finding the right system can be a challenge what with so many different types of cloud computing systems out there, but with a little research, you’ll be golden.

Now that you know some of the different systems out there, visit this page to discuss the best ways to back up your storage.