6 Myths About Data Security

Data security is now  in demand. It is one of the most sought after services in today’s IT industry. Regardless if you are dealing with security breaches or insiders accidentally or intentionally leaking data, these are just some of the most common problems that companies worry about. Before calling the help of a managed IT services provider, it is important to bust some myths that you usually encounter with data security.

Myth 1: Information leak prevention is solely the security administrator’s responsibility

If you will look at businesses today, the challenge to protect the company’s data is no longer just within the realm of one department. It is also no longer just the responsibility of an IT firm. Instead, it is rather a product of teamwork. IT and legal departments need to team up in order to protect the data without compromising federal regulations.

Myth 2: All you need to do is to block web-based emails and messengers to protect your data

Not using instant messaging, external storage devices, and emails may contribute to the security of your data. However, these are just light restrictions. It helps increase basic data security, but it can also impede the overall operations of the company.

The help of a managed IT services provider can help provide a balanced approach of keeping information within the company without disrupting operations.

Myth 3: Leaks are always intentional

A lot of times, companies are afraid of data leaks and theft. In reality, it isn’t always intentional. There is a possibility of negligence on the part of employees and hired contractors that can leak sensitive data. Research shows that 70% of data leaks are unintentional.

Myth 4: Data security is very expensive

A lot of companies still think that data protection is a very expensive endeavor. In reality, it costs a lot more to fix the effects of data leak or security breach. For instance, losing customer information will cost from $90 to $305 per record according to experts. In addition to this, customers can easily lose their trust in your company.

Given the number of companies that can provide their services out there, there will be a company that you can afford. In fact, it is a practice that should be applied by companies from different industries.

Myth 5: Employees already know things that compromise the company’s security

A lot of employees take their work home. Some even use their emails. These are risky practices that can easily compromise company security. It is the responsibility of the company to also orient the employees of their policies and the reasons behind these security protocols. It begins with good communication and an annual refresher course on security.

Myth 6: Only big companies are at risk of data security problems

Unfortunately, a lot of small companies still don’t put a huge emphasis on data security. In reality, both big and small companies should take a look at their vulnerability. This is a great investment that pays off in the long run. It is also a preventive step that will give you peace of mind. There are serious repercussions of not taking the right step with security when you had the chance.