How the Cloud Is Changing IT

Cloud computing is changing the world. It’s already changing the way we store our data, the way we
play our games, and numerous other aspects of daily life. The IT industry has also undergone
significant changes thanks to advancements in cloud computing. Aspects of information technology,
including data security, storage, and accessibility, have benefited greatly from the emergence of the
IT services are quickly adapting to the cloud. We are the beneficiaries of that. Find out more about the
different ways cloud computing is changing information technology by continuing with the rest of this

Cloud Computing Is Making Data More Secure

Data security is always an area of concern for IT professionals. Companies entrust them with
safeguarding important data that hackers go after relentlessly. Even if IT professionals manage to stay
ahead of hackers, being on guard all the time can be tiring.
Thanks to the emergence of the cloud, IT professionals now have some backup. Cloud computing
providers protect the data entrusted to them with all kinds of sophisticated security features. With
both cloud computing providers and IT professionals working on data security, the chances of hackers
succeeding drop significantly.

Cloud Computing Provides More Options for Data Storage

According to Morgan Stanley, only around 32% of all enterprise applications were run on traditional
servers back in 2022. That is down from the 50% mark hit in 2019 when more businesses still
preferred to own and operate data centers. In just a short time, we’ve seen significantly more
companies turn to cloud computing to store their data.
It’s not hard to understand why companies have made that change. Thanks to cloud computing,
companies can now explore more data storage options. If they want to devote more office space to
their workers instead of facilities, they can do that. Companies can more efficiently utilize their assets
thanks to cloud computing advancements.

Cloud Computing Is Improving Accessibility

Small businesses cannot afford to splurge on large data centers that may be needed to operate
sophisticated programs. Not too long ago, those businesses had no choice but to abandon their plans.
These days, cloud computing is giving them more options.
Companies can now utilize a larger variety of tools and programs because they can lean on the cloud
for support. They can be more ambitious with their offerings and cater to more customers. Simply put,
cloud computing is improving accessibility for everyone.
IT offerings are improving significantly thanks to improvements in cloud computing technology. The
potential of cloud computing is boundless. Start integrating it into your company’s operations by
working with our team at The AME Group!