How to Cause a Data Breach in 10 Easy Steps!

STEP 1: Make sure to click on every link, and download every attachment sent to you via email. On mobile, feel free to trust links sent to you in random text messages.

STEP 2: Disable antivirus and other security apps on every device, especially your work computer.

STEP 3: Ignore security policies. They’re more like suggestions than hard guidelines anyway.

STEP 4: Plug in that random USB flash drive you found. It could have some good information on it!

STEP 5: Feel free to download sensitive information to a personal device without encryption.

STEP 6: Don’t bother using a virtual private network when accessing public WiFi.

STEP 7: Trust anyone and everyone who calls you on the phone and asks for confidential information.

STEP 8: Install whatever apps you want without regard for who developed them.

STEP 9: Share your privileged access with whoever asks for it, and never lock your workstation.

STEP 10: Post a bunch of personally identifiable information on social media.

BONUS STEP: Use the same passwords for every account.

As you can see, causing a data breach takes little effort. Obviously, we want you to do the opposite of the above steps!  Learn more about Remote Access Security HERE.

Your dedication to maintaining data privacy is what makes you a valuable member of your organization. If you need more information about your role in preventing data breaches, please ask! And remember to report all security incidents immediately.

More Information about our Breach Prevention Training Platform HERE.