How to Engage your Unmotivated Users

As far as software is concerned, it’s safe to say that change is the new normal.
Unfortunately, if there’s one thing people are bad at, it’s—you guessed it—change. You can have the best technology in the world, but if your users aren’t willing to change along with it, your investment may end up sitting on the shelf.



80% of users are skeptical of new software and reluctant to change.

Successfully rolling out software is one thing, but getting users to adopt their productivity tools percentage embracing change as it comes.

If over 80 percent of users are considered unmotivated to learn and unwilling to adapt, that means you can never expect any project to be more than 20 percent successful—and a 20 percent success rate isn’t a success at all.

Understanding the unmotivated learners and driving them to change is the key to unlocking software adoption. But where do you start?


Make Training Personal

One out of every three employees say that uninspiring content is a barrier to their learning.

We know that every user is different, so one type of training won’t fit all.  Personalized learning makes users feel understood and ultimately improves their attitudes toward change. Making content relevant to a user’s current skill level, job role, and goals make training more effective.

Don’t Expect Too Much at Once

The average employee has only 4.8 minutes a day to devote to training.

Most users are barely staying on top of their own workload without adding software training to the mix. Letting users digest training content in small doses on their own time helps them feel in charge of their own training.

Keep Content Current

48% of employees say their companies aren’t equipped to sustain change.

If you want to keep users up-to-date on technology, their learning resources need to stay up-to-date too. Giving users a dependable (and current) source of support will help them feel more comfortable with change and empowered to improve.

Stay Engaged

63% of employees are unengaged at work.

It’s not enough to hold a one-time training session and assume your work is done. Users need to be engaged through a variety of learning methods, ongoing communications, polls, and assessments—therefore, they need it before, during, and after software changes.

Your software purchase doesn’t have to go to waste. With the right strategy and tools, you can empower your users, drive adoption, and make the most of every software change.


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