How to Keep Your Company Safe From Network Security Threats

The number of businesses adopting online or digital services keeps growing yearly because of the many benefits they gain. That said, the transition to digital service forms comes with the risk of data breaches and network security threats. In cases where data thieves are successful, businesses often have to pay ransom to reacquire it or risk starting from scratch.

According to PurpleSec, a 2019 study showed that 34% of businesses hit with malware took a week or more to regain access to their data. For businesses looking to better protect their data from network security threats, below are steps that can be taken to safeguard data better.

Use Updated Security Programs

Using up-to-date software is the easiest approach to begin safeguarding your organization. The continuous updates might sometimes be tedious, but it’s important your software goes through them. While it is workable to use out-of-date software, doing so may increase the likelihood of getting hacked. Software writers regularly tweak their code to ensure the system is secure against the latest network security threats. If you don’t remain on top of it, your company’s security is jeopardized.

Educate Employees About Security

Whether your company has a dedicated IT staff, employees must understand how malware and viruses spread and what to do if they identify a breach or an issue. You don’t want to prevent their access to particular websites using office computers, but you want to warn them about the risks of doing so. The last layer of security may be added by educating your personnel about the risks and recommended practices. Adequate education on the subject lowers the human factor.

Enlist the Help of Experts

Hiring a cybersecurity specialist might increase your chances of avoiding an attack by network security threats. Though it may appear contradictory, small businesses may reduce their vulnerability to cyber thieves by partnering with internet-based data-security suppliers, especially as the efficiency of cloud-based business services improves. Cloud professionals can also assist you in using cloud computing to maintain off-site backups of all your data so that you will never have to fret about losing data if your network is ever hacked.

Encrypt Everything

When it comes to encryption, you should consider some best practices. Encrypt online traffic and ensure that encryption is enabled on laptops. Never send critical information over email unless it is encrypted, as unauthorized individuals cannot read the message that way. Use secure connections, such as SSL technology, for additional web data exchange.

When it comes down to it, most businesses can’t afford a data breach these days. A single misstep or data breach may severely harm a company’s reputation or perhaps push it out of business entirely. Incorporating data safety steps like those highlighted above can help prevent such things. Do you need help securing your company data? Call The AME Group today to get help from our professionals!