Lifecycle Management Program

Are you dealing with aging equipment that needs to be refreshed?  Are you under regulatory compliance obligations or just want your staff using modern, standardized technology?  This is the case for numerous organizations and the reasons for which we envisioned the Lifecycle Management Program.

On the Lifecycle Management Program, your equipment is refreshed with new devices on a rollout schedule that fits your needs.  You do not have to worry about the soft costs and staff investment of procurement, deployment, and retirement of old systems.  We handle everything for you, all while posting an average cost savings between 18% and 27%.  You also receive service and support for both the new incoming systems and the outgoing units.  Sound simple?  Here’s the icing:  charges are a consistent, all-inclusive price-per-unit that does not change for the life of the contact.  You’re welcome.

Lifecycle Management Program Benefits Include:

  • One contact for procurement, deployment, support, and technology retirement
  • Increased employee productivity via remote and field support for both new and existing equipment
  • Standardized technology for a consistent user experience and assured compatibility
  • Improved asset management with monthly reporting
  • All-inclusive price-per-unit with a rate that does not change for the life of the contract
  • Reduced procurement-to-deployment cycle time through our best practices