Business continuity plan from The AME Group

Technology Solutions For Business

The American dream is often pursued in the business world. Whether a Small, Medium, or Enterprise-level business, corporations open and close doors every day. What sets them apart? What makes one successful and another not? Now more than ever, that pivotal factor can be the incorporation of the right business technology solutions and consulting services. Technology is ubiquitous in the way we do business. The AME Group has spent more than 30 years offering business technology solutions for clients of all sizes, whether they need deskside support, advanced technical support,

IT support in manufacturing industry

Technology Solutions for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry makes this country run. The U.S. has a long history of innovation and production, and manufacturing remains a major employer of American workers. The AME Group is proud to do our part to help support this crucial industry. For several years The AME Group has provided IT support and technology solutions for manufacturing clients. Understanding the unique nature of I.T. in the industry, we have positioned our offerings to align with your goals, helping you get the most of your technology investment. With continually rising costs and

Managed service provider for education-based technology

Technology for Education

The effective education of our youth is of paramount importance for our society. The AME Group strongly believes in quality education to prepare students for integration into the working world. Our first customer was an educational facility, and to this day we maintain a focus on school technology. The landscape of education is not without its concerns. From declining enrollment and reduced funding in rural schools to the demand for more practical application of STEM curricula, school administrators face numerous challenges every year. The AME Group’s education solutions are designed

Healthcare IT solutions from The AME Group


Today’s healthcare industry faces a myriad of challenges that shape the way care facilities operate. Hospitals are asked to invest more in patient care and HIPAA compliance while reducing overall operating costs. Administrators face a multitude of challenges, and the demands continue to increase. The AME Group has a long history of partnering with healthcare facilities to reduce costs and help achieve organizational goals. Whether saving cost by leveraging our Lifecycle Management Program or increasing patient satisfaction through modern and reliable technology, The AME Group has a solution to meet