Solution for Urgent Need for Remote Connection

AME is working with many of our clients to establish Business Class remote connectivity solutions, but we know many of you may require something sooner to fill the gap.

To help our clients whose COVID-19 response requires remote working capabilities, AME is extending the use of our Remote-Control Management Software to our managed desktop clients.  This tool will allow home workers to securely connect to their office PC using their home internet and PC.

This service should not be considered a replacement for VPN as the preferred method for employees to work remotely from home, so we offer it “AS-IS”.

The following are requirements for use of this tool:

It is dependent on the internet connection to function – if the internet goes down, so does the connection

The service is meant to serve as a temporary and urgent fix to remote work needs

The connection requires a login and password; therefore, we need staff information to set up your users

Authentication to the system may require 2-factor authentications (a passcode to use with your login credentials)

The user’s work computer would need to be connected to the local network as if working from the office

The user would need a home device to use to access their work computer via Screen Connect.

We will have a maintenance window daily from 12AM-4AM. This service may not be available during this time.

We will evaluate this offering every 30 days as we progress through the COVID19 outbreak together.

Contact your Strategic Advisor or Service Manager to begin this FREE service.