The Most Common Network Security Problems Faced by Businesses

Up to three-fourths of all companies did not prepare for a cyber threat. And the threat of faulty cybersecurity continues to rise!

Are you willing to let your company suffer next? It’s not hard to protect yourself, and well worth it to keep your files and integrity safe.

Let us show you the many causes of network security problems and how you can fix it.

Did You Mean: Network Security Problems

It doesn’t take a lot of searching to find some of the most common network security issues. Here are the major ones.

1) Unknown Assets

Do you know every device, file, and person that is on or has access to your Network? If you don’t trust or even know everything attached to your network, your network is already in trouble.

A majority of cyber attacks come from within the company. If a device goes missing or the wrong person receives login access, cyber threats will follow.

2) Unkempt Security Measures

Security measures against cyber threats are not as important as well-maintained security measures.

Problems arise when your security software is not up-to-date or you have little to no security management to keep an eye on things.

Any hole in your current defenses will be detrimental.

3) Lack of Variety

You have one solid wall to keep cyber attacks out of your network. Are you sure only one is enough?

No single system is absolute in keeping every kind of attempt out. Cyber attacks have a lot of potential variety in how they attack.

Don’t settle for one kind of defense.

Finding a Fix

When faced with a variety of networking security issues, you need simple and exact solutions. A thorough inventory of all your devices and employees that attach to your network is a basic must for network defense.

Keep checking the location, credentials, and security measures of all your virtual assets. It is better to over check the details of your assets.

Ensure that all employees cover a comprehensive cybersecurity training measure.

Keep a healthy variety of cybersecurity defense. You must be able to deal with and remove Malware, viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and computer worms, amongst other things.

The Right Solution, The Right Cost

Cybersecurity is a multi-billion dollar industry.

So many companies do not have the appropriate measures to stop cybersecurity issues.

There is a culture of ambivalence in many businesses. It pushes them to cut vital security for their networks.

A lot of this ambivalence comes from the very real need to hire on specialized companies to deal with cyber issues.

Specialized companies can use their expertise to solve many networking issues, but often at a great cost. Small businesses often get stuck between a rock and a hard place.

They have trouble outsourcing security companies. They also don’t have the employee workforce to make a security team themselves.

Defending Your Assets

Tracking down and eliminating network security problems can be a long and arduous journey.

You don’t need to do it alone. Experiences can solve a lot of security problems.

We at The AME Group specialize in helping companies tackle these problems head-on. We strive to be flexible and precise.

Don’t let yourself be a victim. Protect yourself now.