The New IT Sees Business Differently

The New IT intuitively responds to the universal realities of doing business. It equips you with solutions that keep yuo a step ahead in achieving these desired outcomes.

Workforce Productivity and Collaboration

Maximize uptime in the hybrid workforce reality.

Infrastructure Flexibility and Agility

Transforming enterprise computing to optimize business outcomes.

Sustainability Improvements

Cleaner, leaner operations with a smaller carbon footprint.

Industry-specific Outcomes

Customized solutions for specific vertical markets.

Easy to implement solutions. Backed by world class support.

Maximize your time and resources.

The New IT Revolutionize Business

New IT is smarter solutions with productivity in mind. From the pocket to the cloud, Lenovo equips your organization to do more, with less. By providing ready-to-use solutions that meet today’s needs and positions your for tomorrow’s growth.

The New IT Thinks INSIDE the Box

The AME Group is a Lenovo Gold Partner

We have extensive experience working with Lenovo. We understand their products and can service most issues in house. Being a Gold Partner give us direct lines to Lenovo support and account managers to process issues fast and effectively.

Lenovo continually innovates to meet the changing needs of businesses. We’ve found success in multiple industries – including education, healthcare, manufacturing and small to mid-size businesses.

The AME Group is a Gold Lenovo PC/IDG Partner

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