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Happy Thanksgiving from The AME Group

Happy Thanksgiving from The AME Group

Here at The AME Group, we enjoy helping our clients throughout the year with all their IT needs. From security and cloud solutions to custom development, we have numerous ways to help businesses of all sizes. Now that it’s Thanksgiving, we’d like to pause to express our gratitude to everyone who entrusts their IT needs with us. 2019 has been an exciting year for our company, and we know it’s been an exciting business year for many of you, as well. Being granted the opportunity to help other people grow

Insights for Implementing Reliable Customer-Related Escalation Management

Regardless of how much time your company puts into service or product development, it’s virtually impossible to please all clients always. Your company will certainly have to address customer complaints and answer their questions at one time or another. You should thus ask yourself whether you will have the right answers for these customers when they call. It’s important to be prepared because they’ll need you to answer to their concerns so that they can make their repairs. Customer service needs more than just an FAQ section and the posting

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Open Ticket vs Pending: 4 Important Differences

Automation of routine tasks has revolutionized jobs and the economy. Although automation is a huge threat to job availability, it certainly does make our lives easier. IT consulting companies are often at the forefront of automation, streamlining, and innovation. One trend that they employ is having a ticket system to keep track of HR matters and even invoicing. You may have seen the words “open ticket” and “pending,” but what do they mean? More importantly, what are the differences between them? Keep reading for four important differences between the two