Common Types of Cloud Computing

The “cloud” is a common word in every industry that employs technology.  The Cloud is a data center, public or private, where technology and services reside.  Cloud Computing describes a platform in one or multiple datacenters which can hold a multitude of networking aspects, from basic applications to entire server solutions and storage. The cloud is a strategic method of keeping your data and infrastructure secure and free from local environmental challenges.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

There is an ongoing debate in the business world regarding whether it is wiser to keep network
infrastructure on-premise or go to the cloud. Many factors should be considered, and The AME
Group consultants can help you make the best choice for your organization.  Leveraging cloud computing through our High Availability Private Cloud, you can reduce your upfront capital expenses, reduce energy consumption, reduce storage space, easily scale your network, and more!

Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup

Cloud file storage allows for easy collaboration among remote teams.  Using a cloud service allows access anytime, and from anywhere.

Local backups are good to have, but it is still vulnerable to many risks. Backing up your information to the cloud is a far more reliable option.  If local backups fail, are stolen, or are otherwise compromised or destroyed, cloud storage of your critical files will still allow you to access your data.

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