Every Employee Defines Who We Are

Welcome to The AME Group – a unique and dynamic company driven by a revolutionary concept: Employee Ownership. As an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), we have redefined the traditional corporate structure, putting our dedicated team members at the heart of our identity and success. At The AME Group, “Every Employee Defines Who We Are.”

Established with a vision to empower and celebrate the individuals who contribute to our organization’s growth, we have transformed the workplace into a thriving community where every employee’s effort directly shapes our present and future. Our innovative approach fosters a strong sense of ownership, pride, and collaboration, propelling us toward exceptional achievements. What sets us apart is our belief that success is a collective endeavor. As an ESOP, our employees aren’t just workers – they are partners, stakeholders, and co-creators. This philosophy drives us to consistently deliver excellence in everything we do, from cutting-edge solutions and top-notch services to unparalleled customer experiences.

At The AME Group, we understand that the real engine of innovation and progress lies in the minds and hearts of our team members. By investing in our employees’ well-being, professional growth, and financial security, we’re not only enhancing their lives but also enriching the very fabric of our organization.

Our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and respect is the cornerstone of our vibrant work culture. We thrive on open communication, where every voice is heard and every idea matters. Through shared decision-making and a transparent work environment, we build a strong sense of unity and purpose.


The AME Group is one of the nation’s largest and most successful Managed Service Providers in America. We have locations in Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas, Ohio and across Indiana. As an employee-owned company, we all share the motivation for success and superior service. We view our role as a partnership with our clients and invest in their business growth, planning, and success.  As your Technology Success Partner, we design, plan, procure, implement, support, and manage business technology.

Managed IT Services focuses on the foundation of your business technology. This includes network security and performance, data backup, and end user device support and protection. Outsourcing your technology must be flexible to accommodate your business goals and staffing structure. We have specialists to comprehensively support your business growth and all your business technology needs. Having a single point of contact simplified the complex support needs.  By focusing on the implementation of best practices, we provide many benefits to the businesses we serve. Benefits include a lower total cost of ownership, simplified support, and enhanced efficiency. We manage all the technology so our clients can focus on what they do best. We deliver the data, collaboration, and communication they need when they need it. 

The AME Group has 35 years of experience being on the leading edge of technology, service models and security. Our focus is to provide flexible, one-stop IT support and services, including Managed IT Services; Security and Compliance; Software Development/ERP/Business Analytics; High Availability Private Cloud; VOIP; Business Continuity/Backup and Recovery; Business-IT Alignment/Roadmap.


The AME Group began operations in July of 1985 at 914 Main Street in Vincennes, IN. Then known as Advanced Micro-Electronics, Inc., the staff consisted of one sales representative, one technician, and one office manager.

The company found success repairing Apple II computers and Epson dot matrix printers. It became clear that a need was emerging for technology managed services, a virtually unheard-of concept at the time. Leveraging both business and technological savvy, Advanced Micro began offering hardware support programs to organizations in southern Indiana. As service needs grew, so did the company, expanding to Evansville in 1987 and Indianapolis in 1988. The corporate office moved several times due to growth and most recently to Main St, Vincennes, IN. Today, the company has offices in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, and throughout the state of Indiana.

In 1998, Advanced Micro-Electronics, Inc. transitioned from singular ownership to an Employee-Owned Stock Ownership Plan. As an ESOP, all eligible employees became part owners of the company, taking further the responsibility of each role. In 2008, the company became 100% employee owned.


As technology changed so did Advanced Micro’s service offerings. Keeping current with emerging technologies has required flexibility to stay relevant as a managed services provider. By focusing on partnering with clients rather than simply selling, the company presents value to each customer in multiple industries.

Today, Advanced Micro-Electronics, Inc. does business as The AME Group. We join our clients as their technology success partner by providing solutions to optimize revenue, reduce cost, and mitigate risk. From project implementation to advanced security and full I.T. outsourcing, The AME Group has a portfolio of managed service offerings to support any size business. The AME Group strives for unparalleled customer service and organizational success for every client and employee-owner.


In this changing market, our focus on innovation and excellence drives us to grow in new ways. The AME Group grows organically as we cultivate relationships, foster loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

The AME Group has also grown rapidly over the past decade through strategic acquisitions. Through acquisitions, we blend strengths, combine expertise, and offer a comprehensive set of services to our clients, meeting their needs better than ever. Every acquisition is chosen carefully to match our values and create a harmonious blend of cultures. By combining the best of both, we’re able to deliver outstanding solutions that exceed expectations. As we keep pushing boundaries, we’re committed to bringing innovation, value, and top-notch service to our clients. Together, we’re reshaping industries and creating a future where our collective strength achieves more than we ever could alone.