Since 2013, our High-Availability Private Cloud has provided businesses with the reliability and performance of a private cloud, with the control and confidence of an on-premise data center.

Take control of your cloud computing.

Fast Networking and High-Performance Storage.

A dedicated team of engineers maintain and react to alerts and proactively resolve issues to reduce disruption to your network and data performance.


The private cloud uses threat intelligence and vulnerability management to provide advanced host and network protection. DDoS Protection, Zero-day Threat Monitoring, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Endpoint Detection and Response managed by a dedicated security team.

Business Continuity.

The private cloud is built on a fully redundant enterprise-grade hardware with automatic fail over to ensure uptime for business-critical workflows. Redundant independent internet and power supports the high-availability platform. The environment includes secure data protection and granular backup with multi-location restoration capabilities.


You can expect minimal downtime, with scheduled maintenance to servers and systems.

Sized to Fit Your Needs.

Purchase only what you need and scale as you grow without adding additional hardware.

Monitored 24×7.

Your entire virtual data center is continually monitored for software, hardware and platform performance.

White-glove migrations.

A dedicated team to manage your migration at a fixed project price.

Is Your Business Ready for a Change?

Prefer On-Premise servers but suffer from downtimes due to outages of power, internet, etc?
Need to purchase a new server?
Need to purchase a new backup solution?
Need a second location for server(s)?
Need increased security for server(s)?
Want a better Private Cloud option?
Want to run multi-tenant server(s)?
Need to increase remote workforce?
Want to build or move to new office?
Want to run a hybrid data center (onsite/offsite)?
Have older On-Premise application(s)?
Want to reduce in-house IT support?


How important is UPTIME to your business?
How much do you lose every hour or day your business is down?
Is your business under regulatory compliance?
Do your IT needs frustrate your managers and employees?
How would slow / delayed resolution of issues impact your business?
Are you planning on building, moving, or downsizing your office space?

If the answer is YES, see if a private cloud solution with superior protection, performance and control is right for you.

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Business Advantages of The AME Group’s High Availability Private Cloud over a Local Hardware Refresh

Operational Expense over Capital Expense

Improved Business Resiliency
¬ Dual Internet Lines + Automatic Firewall Failover
¬ Battery UPS Conditioned Power + Backup Power Generators
¬ Redundant Network + Switch Fabric
¬ Climate Controlled Environment
¬ Physical and Digital Security

SOC 2 Audited Data Center with Enterprise-Class Firewall Security + SOC 2 Audited Management by The AME Group

Enterprise-Class secure VPN + Easy-to-Use Application-level MFA for End-Users

24×7 Support and Response from The AME Group

Resource Scalability and Consolidation

Separating Your IT Infrastructure from Your Physical Location

Trending to the Cloud