How do you handle data or facility loss as a result of a disaster? Whether your servers fail or your location is compromised due to a natural disaster, getting back on your feet can be very challenging. Protecting your organizational data can help keep you going even when all else seems lost. On the other hand, 70% of businesses that experience a critical data loss go out of business within 5 years. The AME Group can help keep your data safe to protect your business practices.

Business Continuity

Simply backing up your information still leaves significant risk for data loss. Basic backups can be corrupted, stolen, or destroyed in a number of ways. To truly protect your organization and its data, a business continuity solution must be established. If disaster strikes, you could spend days or even weeks recovering your data on a simple backup solution. With our Business Continuity Data Service, you can be back in business within minutes.


Production servers can be the backbone of an organization. If one fails, tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost productivity can be the result. Establishing a sound failover solution can mitigate the risk of critical production loss if your primary systems fail.

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