Your organization is important. You deserve services that exceed your expectations. Since 1985, The AME Group has been a leader in technology services. From network administration to fully Managed I.T., we are your experienced technology partner for strategically optimizing your network and maximizing your productivity.

Managed I.T.

Technology is an essential part of any organization. Managing that technology, though, is becoming ever more complicated, consuming, and costly. How nice would it be to have a team of industry professionals caring for your network to help maximize uptime and strategically plan your technology spend to optimize your investment? That can be a reality with our managed I.T. services.

With The AME Group Managed I.T. solutions, you can trust a portion or all of your network to our highly capable, certified engineers. With remote monitoring and management through our ProVue RMM toolset, we can detect potential issues before they affect your workflow. For your convenience, our certified Operational Support Center technical staff can resolve most issues remotely within just a few minutes. Additionally, we take pride in the level of service provided by our field service staff who are continually trained in the latest technologies to provide you the best support.


Our Consulting Services are a great way to obtain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding your technology infrastructure. Our highly-trained engineers design your network solution, choose appropriate hardware, make effective business continuity recommendations, and much more so you can keep your focus on your business, not I.T.

  • Consulting
  • Network Assessment
  • Data Location Assessment
  • VirtualCIO


When investing in equipment to improve your organization, why take chances with the implementation of it? Our certified and continually trained service personnel are proficient in most industry hardware and are backed by the knowledge of more than 70 technology service professionals. You can rest assured that your equipment will be properly integrated with verified compatibility and functionality so you can realize your maximum ROI.

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