Top 5 IT Trends Concerning Businesses in 2022

We kicked off 2021 with the Top 5 Business Technology Needs. They were Security Services, Cloud Services, Managed IT Support, Business Resiliency, and Business Productivity.  The challenges of 2020 remained and grew throughout 2021.  There’s no going back to the way it was before the pandemic. Business Resiliency and Security remain top IT Trends for businesses.  The digital transformation continues.  And the increased impact on finances by staffing challenges, supply chain disruption and inflation add stress to the business overall. As a leading provider of managed IT services, we’ve identified

What are You Risking with Non-Compliance?

One of the many challenges you probably face as a business owner is dealing with the vague requirements present in HIPAA and PCI-DSS legislation. Due to the unclear regulatory messaging, “assuming” rather than “knowing” can land your organization in hot water with regulators. Are you taking a risk? Do you know if you are non-compliant? The Health and Human Services (HSS) Office for Civil Rights receives over 1,000 complaints and notifications of HIPAA violations every year.1 When it comes to PCI-DSS, close to 70% of businesses are non-compliant.2 While you

A ‘Compliance First’ Mindset Limits Liabilities

By adopting a Compliance First strategy, you will identify vendors and solutions that do not comply with your requirements. Then, you can eliminate them from your selection process, and select from the rest. It also means evaluating your current solutions and vendors and replacing those that cannot support your compliance requirements. In simple terms, ­­compliance is anything someone else makes you do. This means laws, regulations, contracts, and even the terms of a cyber insurance policy. Failure to act responsibly can have devastating results. Your business could endure hefty penalties,

Understanding Network Security Threats

The internet provides everyone with access to constant information. While this creates convenience, it also opens you and your company up to threats, including attacks on data and personal information. When you do not have proper security in place, it leaves your business at risk. Common Network Security Threats Often security measures for a company become relaxed after some time, especially when there has been no sign of network security threats. However, once you have been the subject of an attack, you quickly remember how important security is. When 1,100

How Data Compliance and Cybersecurity Differ

When you run a business, compliance and security are two essential factors. Both are equally important for the seamless operation of your business. While compliance helps your business stay within the limits of industry or government regulations, security protects the integrity of your business and sensitive data. It is worth noting that although security is a prime component of compliance, compliance does not equal security. This is because compliance does not consider the growing threat landscape and associated risks. What it considers, however, is a set of pre-defined policies, procedures,

Key Elements of a Data Security Policy

Having a well-documented data security policy in place can help protect your employees, sensitive information and customers from security breaches. To develop a holistic policy, it is important to analyze all the areas that could be a potential threat. USE THIS CHECKLIST TO ENSURE YOUR DATA SECURITY POLICY INCLUDES ALL THE KEY ELEMENTS REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN DATA PRIVACY AND SECURITY DOWNLOAD THIS CHECKLIST AS PDF ✅SAFEGUARD DATA PRIVACY: Apart from complying with the existing rules and regulations, a data privacy policy guides your employees on how to handle sensitive information

8 Elements of a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for Compliance

A compliance program aims at protecting an organization from risk. The purpose of corporate compliance programs is to ensure that a business complies with laws or regulations relevant to it. An essential element of an effective compliance program is a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). You could consider a Compliance Program to be a form of internal insurance policy to create evidence of conformity with regulations and instill a culture of compliance. Remember that establishing a foundation of compliance is a company’s best protection to minimize risk and increase business efficiencies.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Cloud Storage

Cloud storage refers to a cloud computing model that allows you to store data on the internet. The use of cloud storage by businesses has tremendously increased in the past few years, especially due to increased technological advancements, and is expected to continue growing in the coming years. With about 94% of all businesses using cloud services in different ways, cloud computing is more likely to stay and grow bigger in the future. You’re missing a lot if your business is not using cloud storage. The following are five reasons

What to Know about Upgrading to Windows 11

Microsoft has launched a new Operating System (OS).  Windows 11 has requirements that include hardware security features.  There is a good chance that over 30% of your employee devices DO NOT meet the minimum hardware standards for this new OS.  Likewise, third party tools and applications may also require updates or upgrades to operate under Windows 11.  Ultimately, moving to Windows 11 could present hardware, software, and project costs to your business. What is AME Service doing about Windows 11?  Due to functionality concerns, AME Service recommends an assessment to

Microsoft Price Increase

Microsoft announced their first significant increase in price for Microsoft 365 Business and Office 365 Cloud Services in over a decade.  Microsoft notes the continuous innovation and growth of these products are driving the increase.  Innovations in communication, collaboration, security, compliance, automation and artificial intelligence are needed to match new operating models of organizations.   Presently, there are no price changes for Education and Consumer Products. The new pricing structure will go into effect on March 1, 2022. Microsoft services will increase in price as follows: PRODUCT Current PricePer User New