How to Establish a Solid Business Continuity Plan

Having a solid business continuity plan in place will ensure that your company is better protected fromfuture emergencies or disasters. It can help reduce downtime, minimize financial losses, protectcritical business data and processes, and ultimately help sustain your business. Let’s review how toestablish such a plan 1. Identify All Potential Risks The first step to building a successful business continuity plan is to identify and assess the types ofrisks your business may face. These can include anything from natural disasters like floods or fires tocybercrime, technical malfunctions, supply chain disruption,

Understanding the Differences Between Hardware and Software

According to IBM, there are two main components of IT infrastructure: hardware and software. Manypeople don’t know the difference between hardware and software. Infrastructure is an importantcomponent of organizing your hardware and software. Infrastructure as a service helps companiesprovide you with efficient organization tools to improve your workflow. So, what’s the differencebetween hardware and software, and are they both necessary? Hardware vs Software The biggest misconception between hardware and software is that they are the same thing, with thenames being synonyms for each other. However, this is not the case.

How the Cloud Is Changing IT

Cloud computing is changing the world. It’s already changing the way we store our data, the way weplay our games, and numerous other aspects of daily life. The IT industry has also undergonesignificant changes thanks to advancements in cloud computing. Aspects of information technology,including data security, storage, and accessibility, have benefited greatly from the emergence of thecloud.IT services are quickly adapting to the cloud. We are the beneficiaries of that. Find out more about thedifferent ways cloud computing is changing information technology by continuing with the rest of thisarticle. Cloud

6 Reasons Your Business Needs More Than One “IT Guy”

Phil Miller, Regional Manager from the Lexington, KY office of The AME Group provides consultation to many businesses looking to improve their business IT infrastructure. The point when business owners realize they need new technology or better management of their IT infrastructure, is where managed IT services providers like The AME Group can make an impact. We asked Phil, why do businesses need more than one IT person? If a company only has an “IT Guy,” it’s common that they face limitations in terms of their IT capabilities. As the

5 Benefits of Cloud-Based IT Infrastructure

Most businesses, regardless of size or industry, are gradually turning to cloud services. They have realized they can benefit in many ways by making the switch. What helps is that cloud-based digital infrastructure is growing. According to Zippia, about 67% of enterprise infrastructure relies on cloud computing. With that said, some businesses are yet to embrace this technology as they don’t understand the benefits. The article below highlights some of the advantages of using cloud-based IT infrastructure. Enhanced Data Security One of the benefits of using cloud storage is improved

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan? Here’s What to Know

Business owners should be thinking about disaster recovery for work continuity. Every business owner should have reliable backups for their business. A DRP (disaster recovery plan) should be in place for your business. Learn what a DRP is and how you can formulate one. What is a DRP? A DRP for your business is a well-structured, written plan that outlines how your business will start working again after a disaster. It is a part of your business continuity plan. It will include reliable backups, how you will restart work, and

How an IT Service Provider Can Simplify Budgeting

Do you find budgeting for IT challenging? If so, you aren’t alone. Here’s some tips to simplify your budget. While the IT budgeting process can be tricky for small businesses, it can be especially difficult for those trying to do it all by themselves. With so many aspects to consider, it can be tough to prioritize each and everything and still have funds left over for other crucial matters. One solution is to partner with an IT service provider like us. We can help you budget for all your IT

4 Common Technology Budgeting Mistakes

Do you have an IT Budget? If so, congratulations! You’re ensuring the success of your business. Budgeting for technology can be tricky. Threats persist and evolve as fast as technology changes. Avoid the most common budgeting mistakes to get the most bang for your buck! Here’s a list of the most common technology budgeting mistakes. Mistake #1: The cheapest option is always the best Your business technology shouldn’t be an afterthought. Investing in high-quality technology can significantly improve your bottom line. Excellent Reasons to Invest in High-Quality Technology 1️⃣ Streamlining

How to Budget for Your Business IT

Give yourself plenty of time to review your IT budget to ensure your business has the resources it needs to continue to grow and prosper in the coming year. Business now know technology cannot be an afterthought. You need to have a clear and well-defined Strategic Business IT Roadmap to reduce unanticipated technology issues that could cause trouble. IT BUDGET: Assess, Document and Plan As technology advances at a fast pace, routine technology refreshes become increasingly essential for any company hoping to stay successful. Rather than simply assuming you’ll need

Do You Have Insurance Coverage Blind Spots?

The answer is YES, there are often “blind spots” in your business insurance policies. Due to the high incidence of ransomware attacks last year, insurance premiums have increased as much as 40% and polices may have limitations to further protect the insurer. Mind the Gaps in Your Insurance Policy Recently, our Strategic Advisor in Evansville, IN gave us a few tips to better understand insurance policies. You should ask the following questions about your business’ Cyber Liability Insurance policy. Does my insurance coverage have sublimits? A sublimit is the maximum