Custom Software Development – Fits Like a Glove

At The AME Group, we focus on comprehensive, end-to-end software solutions that satisfy real business needs.  The products and services we provide are designed to aid our clients in the identification and resolution of the customary and critical problems associated with information management.  These systems and solutions are essential to the efficient and effective management of information and involve all phases of a company’s organization.

Seeking custom software development for your business can reap real benefits, such as:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced customer service.

A Development Think-Tank

The AME Group employs trained software engineering professionals to develop individual and/or integrated custom applications based on identified requirements.  Our team has expertise in a wide variety of application development environments and tools, including User Experience Design.  Such know-how helps chart our development process, as we strategize, design, implement, test, deploy, and maintain solutions for a wide range of industries, including the medical, government, utilities, retail, and manufacturing sectors.

A Microsoft Certified Solution Provider

With Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff, we can assist you with everything from single user office automation projects to full-blown mission critical applications.  The AME Group applies its over 30 years of experience in application development to provide secure, professional systems you can count on.

Through the use of Microsoft standardized programming, platforms and frameworks, The AME Group is able to develop applications rapidly and develop code foundations that can be used for desktop development as well as web-based applications. Our services include:

  • Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming using Microsoft .NET technologies
  • Web-based Development and integration featuring Microsoft .NET technologies and web services
  • Integration of different systems and platforms
  • Client/Server and N-Tier Development Models
  • Full Development/Integration with SQL databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL
  • COM and OLE Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Hardware and Networking Expertise

If you have an operational challenge that may benefit from a custom software solution, get started now with a free IT assessment from our strategy team.





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