Data Breach Cost Calculator

WARNING The Results May Shock You

Sure, you might know that there are “some” monetary repercussions of suffering a data breach, like the costs associated with notifying the individuals involved, but what about the rest? Rely on word of mouth or referrals? Customers may not be so quick to refer to a company that compromised their data.


From paying the ransom to access your files or finding out you’ve experienced fraudulent wire transfers.

Fines & Penalties

Federal, State, and PCI can all impose fines and penalties on an organization when a security incident occurs.

Crisis Management

Financial damage is bad, but reputational damage is devastating. Gaining back lost trust is a hard pill to swallow.

SMBs account for 43% of data breaches.

Lack of time, resources and education are three major factors that put small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) at risk.

​2019 Data Breach Investigations Report

83% of SMBs lack the funds to recover.

What’s worse? A quarter of those who can’t afford it didn’t even realize there would be any recovery costs involved.

​2018 InsuranceBee Cybercrime Survey

67% of healthcare breaches were caused by negligence

Internal mistakes are causing twice as many breaches as external forces like hacking. The best way to prevent an incident? Education and preparation.

Oxford Academic Journal of Cybersecurity

Less than 6% of their budget is in cybersecurity

10% of healthcare organizations and their business associates lowered spending on security. Instead of modernizing to combat their threats, they’re ignoring the problem.

CyberPolicy, Identify Experts Corp

How to Calculate Your Cost

ENTER the number of customers’ data you have access to and SELECT between three types of data breaches:

Press “Calculate” to see what a breach could cost you! Hover over any of the associated costs to learn more.

Payment Card Industry (PCI)

How much could a breach of credit card information cost you?.

Protected Health Information (PHI)

How much could losing patient data cost you?

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

How much could losing Social Security numbers or email addresses cost?

Proactive Prevention & Protection

It’s been proven that a comprehensive and continuous security education program can effectively reduce phishing click rates by up to 64%. With phishing being one of the top attack methods used by cybercriminals, investing in a phishing and education program has been shown to output a 37-fold Return on Investment. If a criminal does get through? That’s when one of our robust cyber insurance policies, covering up to $1M, comes in!

Ponemon Institute. “The Cost of Phishing & Value of Employee Training.”


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