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Lexington’s Technology Success Partner

The AME Group expanded into the beautiful region of Central KY in 2019 with the purchase of Integrity IT, a local managed IT services provider. Integrity IT founder Phil Miller remained on as Regional Manager.

Since 2000, we’ve provided a full range of IT services to Kentucky businesses with an emphasis on Healthcare IT, Security, and Compliance.

We serve a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, financial, legal and other professional services.

You will work with local staff and gain the efficiency of our central Operational Support Center’s 30 technicians for immediate support.

The AME Group’s office in Lexington, KY is near Nicholasville, Frankfort, Versailles, Paris, Winchester, Richmond and serves businesses across Central Kentucky.

Our local Strategic Advisor and vCIO can work with you to develop the technology roadmap you need to support our business goals and gain the most value from your technology investments.

Our local service technicians and network engineers are close by when you need hands-on IT support and installation.

Our Operational Support Center is staffed with technicians and engineers who proactively maintain your network and promptly solve 97% of IT service issues remotely.

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Meet with Victor Szwilski, Strategic Advisor to discuss your business IT needs and strategy.
Meet with Phil Miller, vCIO, Regional Manager to discuss your business IT needs and strategy.

IT Services available to Central KY

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What is Driving Business Compliance?

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