Managed IT Support: How to Know When to Switch Things Up

The internet of things has really changed how businesses operate. Even small businesses can no longer ignore the importance of having proper technology in place.

This is true whether we’re talking about having sufficient phone lines, quality website management or network security. Just about every aspect of businesses today revolve around information technology. ?

If you’re like many businesses, you’re considering outsourcing to a company that offers managed IT support. Not only does this reduce costs, it can also minimize headaches and your office space needs.

It’s no wonder health IT outsourcing is on the rise. This industry and many others are in need of software solutions and proficiency. Outsourcing managed IT support is one way to achieve this.

But how do you know the managed IT support services you hired are actually good quality? There are multiple ways to tell.

Here’s a quick guide to help determine whether you should keep your IT company or ditch them for another.

Things Keep Falling Apart

Figuratively and literally speaking. When things go awry with your systems, there needs to be a quick way to find and resolve them. Then the fixes should actually work.

But if your databases, tools, and technologies are constantly having the same problems, even after being fixed, then this is a major issue.

This shows the provider isn’t vigilant, has poor monitoring or tracking practices, or worse, they lack professionalism and/or expertise. These aren’t qualities you want in your IT support team.

Tactics Are Being Used Instead of Strategies

There’s one thing to fix a leaking pipe with tape (a tactic) and it’s another to get dirty removing the pipes and replacing them to prevent future problems ( a strategy).

You don’t want an IT company that’s going to use a bunch of tricks to resolve issues because these problems will only arise again.

Or new problems may emerge due to makeshift fix. You need IT professionals that will be proactive in getting to know your business and ensuring all systems are aligned and working properly.

Strategic goals need to be set, as well as security audits and regulatory compliance assessments.

Your Business Has Outgrown Your Current Managed IT Support

Most startups begin on the smaller scale, then increase in size as time goes on. During the startup phase, you may choose a smaller company to manage your IT solutions.

But once your business begins to expand, it’s essential to upgrade your IT services, so it meets your new demands.

Here’s a quick way to tell if you’ve outgrown your IT company:

  • communications are infrequent
  • updates are lacking
  • response times are slow
  • backlogs of important fixes, upgrades and improvements are ever-growing

If you see these telltale signs, then it’s time to move on and soon, before it starts to negatively affect your business.

There’s No Freedom to Expand or Vacate

Popular cellphone companies showed us all too well how annoying it can be being locked into a contract. When it comes to your outsourced IT company, you want to ensure you have plenty of freedom.

This way, you can upgrade your services when needed and even back out to find another provider if necessary.

There’s a Major Lag in Response Times

There’s no time to waste when you have a down server or network. If you want to keep your customers happy, you have to ensure your services are always available. And your customer service and support should be reachable within business hours.

If you run into problems and you can’t get a hold of your managed IT support, then this is a real concern. The help desk needs to be available during the times your business is in operation.

Or they should be able to get back to you fairly quickly. There are different reasons why there’s a lag in response times. It could be their business isn’t capable of handling large volumes of calls from different customers.

Or they’re simply not professional. Either way, you need something more reliable, so search for another provider.

Big Problems Go Unresolved

Some IT providers are great at making small fixes quickly. But when it comes to the major issues, there’s a long delay.

If your IT company is falling short in this area, then it’s time to let them go. If your systems end up with a virus, it’s important to eliminate it as quickly as possible. Not doing so could lead to more of your systems being infected.

This could lead to your data being lost or stolen, which means potential legal issues. Make sure your managed IT support is offering regular backups and recovery audits/testing.

Your Workers Keep Complaining About the Systems

Happy workers make successful businesses. However, if your employees keep complaining about the systems, then your workplace is going to be disheveled.

Pay attention to the complaints of your employees, so you can make adjustments. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of losing the personnel who grow too frustrated with malfunctioning systems.

For example, there may be problems with slow servers, unreliable service, poor phone and internet connections and software that’s out of date. These are all valid complaints that need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

The Services Are Too Expensive and Poor Quality

Why waste money on IT services that are poor quality? If you’re paying top dollar to an IT firm that isn’t delivering the quality you expect, then you need to spend your money elsewhere.

Search around for a provider that can give you better bang for your buck – better service at a price you can afford.

Simplify Your Information Technology Solutions

At The Ame Group, we offer quality managed IT support to businesses in various industries. This includes those in healthcare, education, business, and manufacturing.

The solutions we offer include security & compliance, disaster recovery, cloud services and technology services.

So whether you’re looking to secure your technology or back it up, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to find out how we can help amp up your IT department.