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Mistakes to avoid making when keeping your computer network safe

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Keep your Network Safe

There is a sense of insecurity when you think you are being stalked. Except in a case where you hire a bodyguard, no one likes to be followed around. This is what home network hackers do. They only difference between a stalker and a hacker is that stalkers cause physical harm and hackers cause virtual harm. This is why you need to know some IT regulatory compliance solutions. To prevent a hacker from gaining access to data stored on your home computer, there are four mistakes you need to avoid: 1. Using an

Career in network engineering

How to Kickstart Your Career in Network Engineering

There are so many potential jobs available in computer fields these days that it can be difficult to decide if you want work in computer networks or IT support, just for example. However, if you find that designing network architecture and implementing system plans fascinates and thrills you, a career in network engineering is probably the way to go. Some people prefer jobs later in the life cycles of networks – they would rather provide technical support or handle daily operations as network administrators. If you wish to puzzle out

Network security

5 Essential Tips for Better Network Security

If you listen to people in the know, it’s not a matter of if your company will be the victim of a data breach, but when. Not only are most businesses (both large and small) woefully under-protected when it comes to system security, but hackers are finding more and more sophisticated ways to break in all the time. Of course, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from an attack, such as hiring a network administrator or computer security specialist to build appropriate security infrastructure and manage your

computer network monitoring

Network Monitoring: Best Practices

For modern businesses, computer networks are the hub of operations. Without suitable hardware and software solutions, your business cannot hope to maintain the level of efficiency needed to compete. That said, how you run your network is just as important as the infrastructure you have in place. The value of appropriate technical support cannot be overstated, and you really need to engage in monitoring if you want to ensure efficient operations and a good experience for customers. Before you download software or hire just any monitoring firm, however, there are