5 Most Common Network Security Risks (and What They Do)

Most businesses view their website as one of their biggest assets, and while it certainly can be, it can also be the biggest vulnerability.

All the hard work your company does to generate traffic and promote itself online can go up in flames if you’re not protected from network security threats.

Network security risks are so troublesome because you may not be aware of an issue until the damage has been done.

If you haven’t already, you need to start protecting your company’s network now. Below, we’re discussing some of the most common network security risks and the problems they can cause.

1. Computer Viruses

Computer viruses have been in the news lately for the devastating network security risks they’ve caused around the world this year.

Those are instances of virus attacks on a global scale, but viruses can pose just a big of a threat to smaller companies. Viruses can corrupt your files and delete valuable data, negatively impacting your daily operations.

At their worst, viruses have the potential to wipe clean your entire hard drive. As such, it’s important to advise your staff to never open an email or click on a link they don’t recognize.

2. Software Vulnerabilities Pose Network Security Risks

When a security update pops up in the midst of a busy day, it’s easy click out of it and then forget to come back to it later. But if you’re not updating your software as regularly as you should, you could be putting your company at risk.

Outdated software can eventually slow you’re entire network down to the point where you can’t get work done. It could cause your site to crash, and while it’s down, you could be losing customers. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business, that could be a major issue.

3. Hackers

We often think of networks security risks as things that live in our computers. But computer hackers can cause devastating damage from anywhere.

Once hackers break into your system, they have free rein. They can steal files, gain access to privileged information or expose trade secrets for your competitors and the world to see.

Hackers may be on the other side of the planet, but if you value your network security, they shouldn’t be out of your mind.

4. Employees Can Breach Security Without Realizing It

Even the most trustworthy employees can pose a threat to your network security. It’s not intentional, but a lack of education about best security practices can put your company in a vulnerable position.

Make sure your employees understand how they can best protect your company, whether it’s through education on secure file sharing or curating a list of websites they shouldn’t visit on the company network.

5. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

As technology evolves, network security risks becomes more sophisticated too.

When you’re doing all other things it takes to make a company successful, keeping up with network security can fall through the cracks. You may not be aware of a problem until it’s too late.

This lack of education and focus on what can be such a major issue can really hurt your company down the line. Don’t be afraid to call in the experts and outsource your network security to the experts who dedicate all their time to fighting these risks.

Want to Protect Your Company?

When you partner with an expert in network security, you’re protecting your company, your customers, and the future success of your business. If you’re ready to start implementing these important solutions, contact us today.