5 Tips For Cloud Storage Security

In an earlier time, you had to keep your pen drive or storage device with you to store your photos, music or other digital data. Thanks to cloud storage, now you can get almost all of your data at any place in the world easily. But every good thing has some drawbacks as well, as is the case for cloud computing as well. If you fail to use your cloud storage wisely, then you can create a security risk for your data in various ways. Here are 5 tips for cloud storage security for your day to day use:

Have a unique password

When you use cloud storage to store your personal or business related files make sure you create a unique password. The password that you choose should be strong and you must never use the same password for any other account. This should be a common practice, but many people do not follow it, creating a security risk for all of their accounts. So, make sure you do not repeat the same mistake in any condition.

Never share your password

Sometimes people want to share their cloud data to other people, and instead of sharing the files with other people, they simply share the password. Indeed, it is easier, but it increases the security risk for your cloud data as well. Whether you intend to share a single file or you want to share a bunch of folders, always share that via recommended sharing methods and never share your password with anyone.

Use a host wisely

Not choosing secured cloud storage is another factor that can increase your cloud security. If you are choosing a reputable managed it services provider then you do not have to worry about the security part, but if you are choosing a host that is not particular about safety and the security of your data, then not choosing that host would be a great idea. Needless to say, you must pay minute attention to the selection of your data securer.

Encrypt your data

If you have some files such as your birthday pictures, or to do list, then you have no reason to worry about encrypting that data. But if you are storing any sensitive information like your personal photos, your business project, or anything similar to this, then it is a wise idea to encrypt the data before uploading that on the cloud. This encryption will increase your security, and if someone gets access to it, then that data would be non-accessible to them.

Have a backup locally

Indeed, your cloud storage gets redundant backups all the time, but still it is a wise thing to have a copy of your data in one of your devices. This device can be your personal computer at your home, your tablet or phone. You can take periodic backups on your device with a fixed interval. This will give you an assurance that if you ever lose access to your cloud account, you will have most of your data in your hand easily.

In addition to the above-mentioned security tips, it is also a wise idea that you understand the rules and policies of cloud storage providers. If possible, you shall also choose two-step verification methods to increase the security of your sensitive information from unwanted people.