2FA, or two-factor authentication is a form of MFA (Multifactor Authentication), that requires a second layer of security for your application and online access. Take advantage of this option and set it up wherever it is offered.

Double-up your login protection.

Many technology companies and app-makers provide two-factor authentication that requires users to authenticate their identity over two devices. This is becoming more the norm and is a great foil for anyone trying to access accounts unauthorized. The process is usually really easy to use, but just remember to keep both your devices nearby when logging in–leaving your phone in the other room can be annoying!

61% of data breaches used compromised credentials

 Something You Know:

Your password is the most common first layer. But as we know, passwords are easy to steal, hack. Sometimes we just give them away by sharing and by creating lousy passwords like 123456.  A strong password is an important line of defense that you must embrace. Learn more about building strong passwords here

Something you Have, Know, AreSomething You Have:

A common second layer comes from a text message or email sent with a code to enter to complete your access or a code from an application on your device.  You must get this code from a device in YOUR possession. SIDE NOTE – always use a passcode/login on your devices. Consider the implications of giving the code to your child to access your phone.  More sites are offering this extra layer of authentication and is worth the few additional seconds to log in. 

Something You Are:

You can also have this as a second or third layer (Multifactor Authentication – MFA). This would include biometrics, like a fingerprint. Using your fingerprint to unlock your phone is the same as using a password or code. Multi-factor Authentication would be a combination of more than one method. 

As for apps that provide this 2FA code, the most popular ones include 


Google Authenticator 

Microsoft Authenticator 

If your application or website supports the use of authentication apps, they provide a QR code to scan for quick and easy setup. 

If you want to implement 2FA company-wide, our security experts at The AME Group can help you with that decision and offer solutions that best fit your needs. 

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