4 Methods You Can Use To Keep Your Data Safe

Did you know that, according to the University of Maryland, a cyber attack happens every 39 seconds? With more and more information being kept digitally, the threat to your own data is large if you do not take preventative measures. This is why the managed services market is projected to reach 170 billion U.S. dollars worldwide by the end of 2019. If you’ve been curious about what measure you can take to keep your information protected, or want to know how you can upgrade your current IT security measures, check out these quick tips.

What Is Information Technology Security?

IT security refers to the implemented measures you have in place to protect your data from being breached by parties outside of your organization. This information can include employee records, tax forms, statements of cash flow, private research data, future business plans and presentations, and any other forms of data relevant to your business.

Cloud Storage

The cloud refers to keeping data available from any device, instead of keeping it on one single computer or hard drive. Backing up your business’s data to the cloud is important because if your local data is stolen or compromised, the cloud can save you from losing your data entirely. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 60% of small to medium-sized businesses will fold within six months of having a data breach if their information is not backed up.

Firewall And Anti-Virus Protection

A staple in keeping your network secure is implementing a firewall and anti-virus protection. A firewall monitors incoming and outgoing communication to filter out potentially dangerous data from entering your network. An anti-virus software helps detect malware that has made it through your firewall, and can take the necessary steps to delete it. Both a firewall and anti-virus software are important at protecting your data, as they keep your information safe in two different ways.

Physical Security

Keeping your data physically secure is just as important as having a firewall and anti-virus software. Keeping data physically secure can include implementing passwords, locking doors, installing security cameras, keeping computers in safe locations away from hazards like water, and any other preventive measure designed to keep criminals away from your computer network.

Hire A Managed Technology Provider

Managing IT protection initiatives can be a lot for small to medium sized business owners, so outsourcing it can be a convenient way to keep your data safe. They can make recommendations for how to upgrade your current protection plan, like implementing infrastructure as a service to your cloud back up, and even eliminate threats if you do become the victim of a cyber attack. If needed, they can even recommend other technology solutions for business owners.

Final Thoughts

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly more common, and have the potential to completely shut down your business permanently. Thankfully, managed technology providers exist to help you keep your data safe. They can implement basic security procedures like firewalls, and recommend more advanced methods like installing a security system and utilizing cloud services.