5 Small Business Technology Solutions That You Should Have

Technology has become an indispensable part of most business operations. It continues to bridge the gap between small enterprises and large corporations by leveling the playing field. Executives can now increase productivity, improve their customer interactions, and propel their revenue growth through streamlined marketing tools.

New business technology solutions are coming up each year that can give your small enterprise an edge in the market. Here are five key IT solutions that you should have and how they can transform your business.

1. Migration to Cloud Storage

The ‘Data Age Report’ by IDC estimates that the global data sphere will grow from 33ZB (Zettabytes) to 175ZB by 2025. Cloud computing is a key factor in supporting data growth. Migrating to cloud storage solutions provides a safer, reliable, and easily accessible storage option for your business. You can eliminate the need to support bulky servers within your office space and in data colocation centers.

2. Infrastructure As a Service

The broad adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows small business owners to take advantage of a host of technology solutions offered under one package. You can access collaboration software, managed tech services, data recovery systems, and cloud storage solutions all under one provider. IaaS helps to streamline your tech support by outsourcing your IT to a company that offers tailored service packages.

3. Data Security and Recovery

Network security concerns remain a key hindrance to the full adoption of cloud computing services. Data protection laws are getting tighter, and executives need to find business technology solutions that better protect their data. A solid cybersecurity policy is essential for outlining the steps to take when facing security threats and cyber-attacks. Additionally, small businesses offering e-commerce solutions may need to invest in data remediation and recovery. Only 72% of IT service providers offered disaster recovery services. Data recovery allows you to continue with your operations even after a breach or network outage.

4. Remote Task Software

With remote working slowly becoming standard for most industries, executives may need to think about tech support for businesses that facilitate teleconferencing. Remote task applications and software such as Zoom and Skype can help increase collaboration among your employees. Your staff can work on projects in real-time from their remote locations, with the technology allowing you to track hours spent on specific tasks. You can increase productivity while achieving a better work-life balance for your team.

5. Automated Customer Support

With growing concern over talent scarcity, companies are now desperate to automate some of the low-value functions. One key feature is customer support. 69% of customers cite speed as a crucial factor in assessing their satisfaction in a customer service transaction. Business technology solutions allow you to integrate bots into your website, mobile apps, and social media accounts to enhance your customer experiences. Customer service automation can help streamline the increasing level of interactions across multiple touchpoints during a transaction.

Time to Get the Right Small Business Technology Solutions

Technology continues to evolve every single day, providing small business owners with new tools to increase productivity and boost revenues. For more information on the five business technology solutions and many others, feel free to reach out to The AME Group.