Common Network Security Problems and How to Fix Them

There are a lot of network security issues that companies have to deal with daily. Some of these issues will go unresolved for long periods of time. However, this increases the risk of attackers gaining access to sensitive company material. Here are some common network security problems and how to fix them.

Unknown Assets on the Network

A lot of businesses don’t have an inventory of all of the IT assets that are linked to their networks. This is a serious issue. If you are not aware of how many assets you have on your network, how will you know whether your network is secure or not? Fortunately, this network security issue is relatively easy to fix. You will have to locate all the devices that are on your network and check out the various platforms they run. This is how you can see the different access points on your network and figure out which ones you should secure.

Abuse of User Account Privileges

A lot of the attacks that are launched against company networks are performed by insiders. Sometimes it is because of honest mistakes. For instance, when someone mistakenly sends information to the wrong recipient. However, sometimes there are intentional leaks and misuse of account privileges. Some users might also perform identity theft. This shows that the individuals who are on your network officially represent one of the most dangerous security threats you will ever face.

Since these people are on the network, the solution will not be straightforward. The best you can do is implement a policy of least privilege. This will basically limit the damage that a misused account is capable of doing. Essentially, a user’s access will be limited to only the network resources they need to do the job.

Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities

At any given point, there might be one or several unknown issues with security within your network. However, this is not an issue. The main problem is the known vulnerabilities that are not patched. This is because hackers prefer to utilize known system vulnerabilities. Some of these vulnerabilities can even be decades old. The most effective solution is to stay on top of network patches.

Tech Support for Small Business

Network security is a huge issue for companies. Furthermore, Only 72% of IT service providers offered disaster recovery services in 2018. This means that it might be expensive to try and recover from a successful attack. As such, you must always ensure that your network is secure to protect your data and client information. Take advantage of tech support for small business to get personalized network security that will keep your business safe. When you’re ready to get started, consult with The AME Group and gain the support you need to succeed.