Cyber Threat Assessment

Your business is important.  If you haven’t evaluated your firewall and network, you might be existing under significant threats and poor performance.  You can uncover hidden threats with a Cyber Threat Assessment and understand your current security, productivity, and utilization with No Risk.  

Why Perform a Cyber Threat Assessment?

To Identify Security Risks and Understand General Network Usage

To Understand Your Network:

  1. Security Threats
  2. Cloud/Application/Web Usage
  3. Impacts to Network Performance

Questions to Ask to Help You Decide

  • Do you feel you have control over your network?
  • How do you assess the effectiveness of your existing solution?
  • Do you have the visibility you require to make informed decisions?
  • What are your corporate use policies and how do you enforce them?
  • How old is your current network hardware?
  • Is your current network keeping up with the speed of your business?
  • Are you challenged to get a security budget?


Evaluate an advanced firewall in your network

Experience the value of improved protection

Receive an Assessment Report to Share with Business Leaders

Assessment Process

Cyber Threat Assessment

Report Content


  • Application Vulnerabilities
  • Malware / Botnet Detection
  • At-Risk Devices on your Network


  • Application Categories and Cloud Usage
  • Peer-to-Peer, Proxy Apps and Remote Access
  • Web-based Applications and Browsing Habits.


  • Bandwidth Analysis and Top Consumers
  • Average Log Rates / Sessions for Sizing
  • SSL Utilization and Encryption Impact

Uncover hidden threats with an obligation-free Cyber Threat Assessment!

Without disrupting your existing network, we will monitor your internal traffic for up to one week. When the collection period ends, we’ll generate a report detailing all of the threats bypassing your existing security controls. Sign up for a no-obligation security assessment today!

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