How Your Healthcare Facility Can Benefit from a Digital Recordkeeping System

Despite the extent to which our society now relies on technology, many healthcare facilities are still struggling to transition to a digital recordkeeping system.

Old habits die hard, so there are a couple of reasons for this resistance. For one, some healthcare providers fear that technology solutions will not be user-friendly. Others are concerned that technology will present security concerns for their patients.

But are paper records really the right choice for healthcare providers? Let’s take a closer look at how a digital recordkeeping system could provide a better option.

Save Money

Many facilities underestimate how much they could save in costs by moving away from paper records. Estimates indicate that US companies spend more than $120 million on paper products every single year.

The cost of keeping paper records is more than just the cost of paper. It is also the cost of printers, copiers, fax machines, ink, and filing cabinets for organizing all the records.

Some healthcare facilities have entire rooms dedicated to storing paper records. With digital records, this space could be used for something else.

Great Security and Compliance

Some healthcare providers are afraid that keeping digital records will put patient records at risk of security breaches in the form of hacking. In reality, however, digital records make it much easier for healthcare facilities to protect patient privacy.

This is because paper documents can be easily lost or damaged. By contrast, you can back up electronic files on multiple servers.

You can also easily set up features restricting who can access electronic files. You can even set up a feature where the system will keep track of who accesses the files.

Faster Processing

When you have all paper records, finding what you are looking for can take several hours or even days. The more files you have, the harder it is to find the files. With a digital document system, you will be able to find the files you need in a matter of seconds.

This faster processing can also ensure that records stay up to date. Rather than having to dig down a paper record and update all existing copies, you can simply update the electronic record from a central location.

This will make for fewer errors, as it will ensure that all providers are always working with the most up-to-date information.

Happier Patients

At the end of the day, patient satisfaction is a key goal for every healthcare provider. Transitioning to digital records is an easy way for healthcare facilities to increase patient satisfaction.

Digital records make the patient experience easier, less time consuming, and more accurate. All of these features are important to consumers and will make them more likely to recommend your services to others.

Get the Digital Recordkeeping System You Need Today

With these benefits in mind, it is easy to see how transitioning to a digital recordkeeping system can help improve patient care.

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