Chances are that your business relies on IT. Over the past two decades, nearly every industry has integrated technology solutions into the core of its daily operations.  This makes IT security an increasingly important factor.

One of the key questions a business faces is whether its IT is secure. The AME Group provides real answers by offering IT security audits that put your system to the test, identifying strengths and weaknesses so that you know where you really stand.

No doubt, you have certain controls in place to secure your IT environment. The AME Group’s security audit specialists will test them with a thorough audit to gauge just how much your measures are helping with security.

Through the audit process, you’ll find out which security policies are working and how to enhance their effectiveness in the future. In addition, you’ll find out where your weaknesses are and receive practical solutions you can implement to remedy those areas.

No matter what your industry may be, you want to keep your data safe and available while adopting processes that maintain consistency. We can help you navigate real-world threats with minimal upset to your normal daily operations.

After analyzing your current configuration, we will develop a strategy and security program to enhance IT security across the board. That includes real-time threat awareness, employee training, and an incident response readiness plan, including best scenario options for disaster recovery.

The AME Group will help you shore up the technical components, but we’ll also help you develop a company culture that is aware of potential threats and avoids them whenever possible.

IT security is an important part of your business. It protects your assets and your company’s good name. Get professional audit results from your local industry leader in The AME Group.

IT security is within your reach. Reach out to us today.

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