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7 Risks of IT Outsourcing – and Why the Rewards Outweigh Them!

The global market for IT outsourcing is nearly $90 billion and levels of IT outsourcing are the highest that they have been in five years. With so much money being spent on outsourced IT services, it is obvious that it must be beneficial for businesses. Otherwise, they would be spending that money on in-house IT. But are there risks involved with IT outsourcing? And do the benefits outweigh the risks? We take a look at some of the biggest risks and why the rewards more than outweigh them. 1. Some

why are software updates so important

Why Are Software Updates So Important?

Have you ever been on your computer doing important work and suddenly see a pop up for a software update? Have you ever been so busy you decide to update later but never do? If you have been asking, “Why are software updates so important?” You are not alone. The fact is, software updates are very important and sometimes we don’t realize it until the software stops working or we lose important information. If you have been ignoring important updates, please continue reading because once you know all the facts,

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What Services Are Included in Managed IT Solutions?

In 2017, small to medium-sized businesses in North America spent nearly $300 billion on IT services. And as long ago as 2014, over 90% of small to medium-sized businesses in the US were using cloud-based business solutions. IT is playing a larger and larger role in the running of businesses of every size. And more and more of those businesses are turning to companies that can offer managed IT solutions. But what do you actually get for your money? What can you expect from your IT managed services provider? Learn

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The Top 5 Benefits of Outsourced IT Support Through Managed Services

You might know by now that an IT department is a must for your business. Is your current IT support running smoothly? Maybe it’s working for now but, you might be in the process of scaling your business. If this is the case, you’ll need to invest a lot of money if you decide to keep all your IT staff members in-house. If you want a more efficient and cost-effective solution, outsourced IT support might be your best option. You might’ve heard about it but, aren’t sure how it will

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10 Benefits of Cloud Management Services

Cloud managed services provide comprehensive business IT solutions. Businesses prefer this option for their security and flexibility. Cloud managed service providers fill gaps in a businesses technical skill set shortcomings. There are several types of cloud-based services for business needs. This includes security & backup to computing & data management. Why outsource services vs keeping them in-house? Read and find out. Cloud Management Services: 10 Unbeatable Benefits You’ll want cloud services by this article’s end. Let’s explain why. 1. Lower IT Costs Businesses requiring IT services save money using third-party


What is an MSP? Your Complete Guide

When you started your business, you probably didn’t bank on micromanaging every little aspect of it. From payroll to marketing, to IT, sometimes you can lose track on what’s important in your business when you’re caught in the weeds. You may have heard rumblings about managed service providers (MSP). But what is an MSP? Today, we have a complete guide for you on managed services and why they’re important to your business. What Is An MSP? The idea of MSPs really took off in the 1990s when they were called

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Should You Outsource IT or Hire In-House? Here Are the Pros and Cons

Every business, no matter how large or small, depends on technology to get through the day. Because of our increasing reliance on technology, the demand for information technology (IT) specialists has dramatically risen over the past decade. A great IT professional can keep your business safe, online, and well-functioning. But if you’re looking to hire some experts, you have a very important decision to make. Should you outsource IT or hire in-house? Here are the unique advantages and disadvantages to both to help you make a more well-informed decision. Outsource

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Managed IT Services

It’s difficult for businesses to manage their own IT services if they don’t have the bandwidth, staff, or expertise. Hiring a company, or a Managed Service Provider, helps with important IT needs. Without it, your company is losing precious time and money, while decreasing productivity and focus. Read this article to learn why managed IT services are so important and how they help your business be successful. What Are Managed IT Services? Managed IT is a great service provided that combines unlimited and flat-rate support into a monthly payment. The

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cloud Storage for Your Business

Why is small business such a big deal? According to the Small Business Administration, more than 99 percent of American enterprises fall into the “small” category. That’s a good reason! If your company falls into the mix, be sure you’re opting for the best cloud storage you can get. All it takes is one power outage or technology failure to find yourself in a rough patch. The good news? With the best cloud storage partner on your side, you don’t have to lose sleep. Below are five ways to ensure

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4 Signs Your Business Needs a Network Assessment

When your website is slow, down, or has its security compromised, you’re not only losing serious profits. You’re also losing consumer trust. If it’s been a while since you’ve evaluated your current network, chances are, there are probably already lots of issues that you’re not even aware of. You could be leaving customers’ sensitive information vulnerable, or you could be dropping in search engine rankings because of poor site and network performance. Is it time for a network assessment? Read on to find out when is. 1. You’ve Already Been