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How to Hire the Best IT Professionals

Every business knows that having highly trained and skilled IT professionals on board is essential to their operations. Businesses today face a grave danger of a security breach due to viruses, hacking and other threats. There are 1.5 million cyber attacks every year, and the majority of them are aimed at businesses. But it’s hard to find good IT employees. The job market for IT professionals is highly competitive and salaries run high. Searching for a good IT manager using recruiters, employment agencies or ads doesn’t guarantee you’ll find the

recordkeeping system

How Your Healthcare Facility Can Benefit from a Digital Recordkeeping System

Despite the extent to which our society now relies on technology, many healthcare facilities are still struggling to transition to a digital recordkeeping system. Old habits die hard, so there are a couple of reasons for this resistance. For one, some healthcare providers fear that technology solutions will not be user-friendly. Others are concerned that technology will present security concerns for their patients. But are paper records really the right choice for healthcare providers? Let’s take a closer look at how a digital recordkeeping system could provide a better option.

how machine learning works

How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Future

While browsing the internet, you may have come across a term that sounds straight out of a sci-fi novel — machine learning. So what is machine learning, and when does the robot takeover begin? There’s no reason to panic yet. Machine learning is a pretty tame application of the concept of artificial intelligence, so humans should be safe for now. What this groundbreaking technology actually means for us is a new and more powerful way to analyze data. Read on for an overview of how machine learning works. What Is

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What is an IT Audit and Why Do I Need It?

Employees at a small business or start-up are required to multi-task. They’re trying to build a customer base while also growing a business model.  It’s demanding work, and sometimes things can slip through the cracks. .  After a long day, there are few resources and little time left to dedicate to IT. However, you shouldn’t just let this work fall by the wayside. Instead, you should implement a smart IT strategy — which starts with an IT audit. Outsourcing your IT needs to the experts is cost-effective. Starting with an audit is a

Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support: How to Know When to Switch Things Up

The internet of things has really changed how businesses operate. Even small businesses can no longer ignore the importance of having proper technology in place. This is true whether we’re talking about having sufficient phone lines, quality website management or network security. Just about every aspect of businesses today revolve around information technology. ? If you’re like many businesses, you’re considering outsourcing to a company that offers managed IT support. Not only does this reduce costs, it can also minimize headaches and your office space needs. It’s no wonder health

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Why IT Support For Business Is Important

Every successful business in today’s day and age has a division that is largely technology based.  No matter what product you sell, you likely have a sales or marketing team that attempts to reach out to customers through the internet. That’s why IT support for business is absolutely essential. Something will definitely go wrong at some point, that’s just the nature of technology. Nothing is perfect. Do you have the expertise to make substantial repairs to your network if something goes haywire?  Even if you do, you are busy running your

data security management

5 Data Security Management Tips You Should Know

Every few months, there is another breaking news story about a massive data breach. Sometimes it seems like no organization or corporation is safe. Last year, Yahoo confirmed a data breach of roughly 500 million user accounts. Even the United States government security clearance system was susceptible to a cyber-attack. Two years ago, hackers obtained Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of nearly 22 million federal employees and contractors. Major international corporations like Home Depot, Target, and Sony have all been the victim of massive data breaches. In this hazardous cyber environment, data

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How the Cloud Will Change Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Imagine you’re working on a really big project when all of a sudden your computer crashes. All of your hard work is lost. This is a major problem, especially when there are deadlines to meet. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t take this seriously. 96% of all business workstations aren’t being backed. That’s a large amount of potential work being lost forever. Businesses are slowly starting to see the importance of having backup systems. This includes using cloud storage services. More than 50% of surveyed IT professionals have ranked backup and disaster

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4 Signs Your Company Needs Help From an IT Professional Service Company

Nowadays, it is hard for your business to succeed if you do not embrace technology. This is because technology is becoming part and parcel of efficient business operations. With the increased use of more technology, there will come that time when you need to seek assistance from an IT professional company. Below are some of the signs that your business needs helps from a managed IT services provider. 1. Increased operation costs There is that time that you might find that your overall business costs are going high. At such

6 Ways Your Company Data Could Be At Risk

The recent Amazon data breach news has intrigued many businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to assess their own exposure towards data breach. As a small business owner, you are likely to think: “if such a big business as Amazon is exposed to data breach, how about mine?” Although this thought can pressure any business owner or manager, it is important to know that there are signs that one can identify indicating that your company data could be at risk so that you are in a better position of